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borderless market-research


Why a mobile testing-studio?

With our mobile Teststudio we reach your consumer where ever they buy their products as well as where they use it - namely in their confidant ambiance. We work in those places, where nearly all the possibilities were taken for market research: make group discussion or studio tests. Every selected location garanty you an ideal condition to find your target group, for your product and in the typical location for your products.

A new and unique dimensions in market research.

If you take a look at our mobile teststudio for the first time, you will immediately be ardent of the ambiance of the interiors. The exceptional division into compartsments with the giant space offer give our mobile Teststudio this strong charisma.




perfect places of action

- small communities ("studio-deserts")
- promotionevents
- faires/ exhibitions/ expositions
- beaches/ beach-clubs
- big events
- camping sites
- pedestrian areas
- markets
- parking areas


- 2 posiibilities
   1 small fgd-room
   or 2-3 seperated testplace
- kitchen
- internet
- monitoring
- audio- and video recording
- refrigerator (220 ltr)
- freezer
- big adherent
- lavatory
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